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Ellis Pierce was born in Wellington Utah in 1935.

He worked for several small businesses in Price and Moab.  In 1956 went to work for Wilson (Andy) Anderson delivering petroleum products in Carbon and Emery counties.  Ellis was interrupted   for two years to proudly serve his Country in the US Army.  1960 through 1972 was able to continue working for Mr. Anderson until he retired allowing Ellis to purchase the business in September of 1972.  Since that time the business has grown supplying petroleum products throughout the region.

Ellis also owns and operates two convenience stores in Helper, Swift Stop & Shop and Handy Mart and Petroleum Maintenance & Equipment that specializes in the repair and installation of petroleum equipment. Additionally, our 4th sister company, Golden West Industries has become an international supplier of dust control products and freeze conditioners.

We pride ourselves on service, fairness, honesty and hard work.

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